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What if I eat all the main meals and snacks and I’m still hungry, can I eat something else?

The meals and snacks have been designed to balance blood sugar levels and therefore prevent any feelings of hunger. However, everybody is different so if you feel real hunger i.e. your stomach is rumbling! You can do one of the following:

  • Eat some raw crudités such as carrot/celery sticks.
  • Eat one extra piece of fresh fruit.
  • Add more vegetables to your main meals.
  • Drink more water .
  • Have a cup of fruit herbal tea.

Sometimes if we’re used to eating a lot of refined, high carbohydrate foods, changing our diet can at first, make us feel hungry. Aim to fill this hunger with one of the above options and then add extra vegetables onto your next main meal.

What do you mean by fruit/herbal tea?

Fruit or herbal teas are infusions such as: Raspberry and Elderflower or if it’s herbal it could be Fennel or Mint tea. You can purchase a wide variety of fruit and herbal teas from health shops and supermarkets.

I don’t like/eat fish. What can I eat instead?

Fish is an excellent source of protein and healthy essential fats. If you choose not to eat fish or don’t like the taste, aim to swap it for one of the quality protein options below:

  • A portion of tofu or tempeh (soy bean).
  • A portion of chicken or turkey.
  • A portion of lean red meat.
  • A portion of mixed beans/pulses.
  • An egg.
  • A portion of mixed nuts/seeds.

What if I don’t have time to carry out all the exercises suggested in the Mind, Movement and Connection modules?

This course is called ‘Taking Control’ – and although designed to be carried out altogether to achieve the most benefit, it will not benefit you if you’re feeling pressured to do it all. Most people enjoy doing all four aspects as it helps them gain balance and not become too food obsessed, it gives them chance to see there is more to health than simply diet.

However, if you want to split the course up and concentrate on only one or two modules at a time, that’s fine. You will still have access to all of the course information so you can dip in and out and cover whatever section appeals to you most.

Some of the exercises you suggest in the modules make me feel a little uncomfortable, do I have to do them all?

If you mean ‘physically uncomfortable’ then by no means do them, unless you know it’s simply your body adapting to movement it hasn’t had for a while. If you mean ‘emotionally’ uncomfortable, then of course you don’t have to do the exercises BUT…quite often we feel emotionally uncomfortable when we’re looking at an issue we would rather shy away from, but maybe working through it is just what we need? The only way out, is through. The choice is yours.

What if I’m going to a special occasion, can I cheat from the meal plan?

Yes! Food of all varieties is good for the soul..! The meal plan I have put together does include some foods which I wouldn’t normally add to a ‘uber healthy plan’ such as: burger, healthier fish and chips etc…but I’m well aware that sometimes that’s just the type of food we fancy and may be a good option to have when eating out. Maybe if you know you have a special event coming up, save your less healthier meals as mentioned and replace with fish, vegetables, salad etc and then enjoy your food at your special event.

If you’re eating out at a special occasion, my advice would be to enjoy yourself, but don’t go too mad! So maybe make every other drink sparkling water and not all alcohol, have dessert but no starter and maybe choose lighter options where applicable. If not, just enjoy it and get back in control the next day.

Word of caution: if you have too many ‘special occasions’ however and you divert from the meal plan too often, you won’t see or feel the same fantastic results!