An exciting new four week online wellness course
from Jennifer McDermott

Taking Control

A brand new online course from nutritionist Jennifer McDermott.
custom designed and nutritionally balanced
80 recipes

Bespoke Recipes

Specially created by Jennifer, nutritionally balanced, and very tasty!
week by week or all at once
Shopping lists...

Easy to make, quick to prepare

Weekly shopping lists provided with alternative ingredients to choose from.
more than just a diet - a complete wellness course.
Mind, movement and living...

Mind, Movement and Living

Exercise your mind, emotions and body - easy to follow step by step advice.

Welcome to I am… Taking Control

Do you feel unable to manage your health and wellbeing?
Struggling to cope with everything life throws at you?

This four week, four module online workshop could be the solution you’ve been hoping for!

As you can imagine, as a Nutrition Therapist the majority of my work relates to healthy eating but I’m well aware that the road to a healthy, happy life has several lanes and if you’ve been living in the fast lane for far too long, sooner or later problems with your health will arise!

Trust me, I’ve seen it so many times!

It’s so easy to get out of balance, one minute you’re having a great time socialising, eating out, meeting friends for drinks, having the odd glass of wine with dinner, working hard and enjoying life and then all of a sudden BANG! Your life seems out of control..! You can’t seem to tolerate a couple of glasses of wine, you drag yourself out of bed in the morning, can’t seem to cope with all the little things in life…all of sudden life just seems like hard work…all work and no play!

But how do you get back on track if you don’t even have the mental energy to think straight?! Surely getting back on track takes both physical and mental energy to even decide how best to do that right? Which is exactly what you might not have right now! Whoa!

This workshop will help you to stop, breathe and take time out to recharge your batteries and re-evaluate so you can focus on living a healthy, happy, balanced life!


Is this workshop right for you?

If you can relate to any of these, then the ‘I Am..Taking Control’ workshop is perfect for you right now!
For the cost of 2 or 3 decent night’s out, this course could change your life!

Feelings of fear, guilt, anxiety or stress about your health, lifestyle or even unknown reasons

Feeling tired, fatigued and irritable, struggling to concentrate – life just seems to be a chore

Think you should take better care of your diet and wellbeing but don’t know where to start

You know you have adopted some unhealthy habits but don’t know how to break them?

Often feeling bloated, or constipated and sluggish – trying to hide the bloat within loose clothes

Your hair, eyes and skin are dull and lack lustre. Extra make-up and frequent hair washing required?!


What might you experience after just 4 weeks?

Constant energy levels – no more feeling the need for a ‘disco nap’!

Clear, soft, glowing skin – less make-up required – ditch the spot cover!

Feeling calm and relaxed – no more biting everyone’s head off!

Liking yourself again…or maybe even for the first time?

A new found self-confidence

Hair that shines and doesn’t feel ‘dirty’ shortly after washing.

Bright, sparkling eyes! No more dark circles!

Flat, comfortable stomach – No more uncomfortable pain and bloating.”

Sleeping well and waking refreshed – even before the alarm!

Frequent healthy bowel movements – feeling so much lighter!

Feeling so god-damn happy you could cry – with joy!

No more feelings of guilt about your health

Sharp, focused switched on mind! Bye-bye brain fog!

Laughter, lots of it! Life hasn’t been this much fun since I was 7 years old!

Closer connection with friends and loved ones

No more fears regarding your future health, looking forward to the rest of your life!

Weight loss of several pounds (if needed)

Back in control of your life and your health – ready for whatever life throws at you!


Google Keep


Track progress and record your thoughts with ‘Google Keep’

Quickly capture what’s on your mind and get a reminder later at the right place or time. Speak a voice memo on the go and have it transcribed, and use as a daily journal.



What do the modules consist of?



Each week you will receive a 7 day healthy balanced menu including breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, mid-afternoon snack and dinner. To make it even easier, I’ve also supplied weekly shopping lists for you.



Each week has some interesting reading and case studies relating to a specific subject. I will make some suggestions so you can work on a particular topic that has been designed to help you change unwanted behaviours.



Each week I will make suggestions on how to adopt some new or maybe not so new, forms of movement, all are fun and invigorating and can be included in your journey through this 4 week workshop.



This module is designed to make you stop and smell the roses so-to-speak, so I’ll say very little about this at the moment, but I assure you, it’s fun and uplifting and maybe even life-changing!

Are you ready to take control?

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